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Submit Your Song and Receive Personalized Feedback from Industry Professionals!

I’m Jordan Reynolds.


I’m a musician, vocalist, songwriter, and producer currently based out of Nashville, TN.

I’ve worked with artists such as Carrie Underwood, Camilla Cabello, Kieth Urban, and Dan+Shay. A few of my songs have hit #1 on the charts and I’ve been lucky enough to win a Grammy!

This is where my career is now, but I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

Struggling to get the melody and the lyrics to mesh.

Struggling to craft something that will move people, even if that’s just for yourself.

These struggles still come up from time to time.

It sort of feels like you’re in a dark room all by yourself struggling to find a light switch and you don’t know what direction to turn. You’re starting to think you’d be happy with an exit instead.

You’re stuck.

Luckily, I have a wise mentor. I have a team of collaborators.

I want you to have all the support you need to finish that song floating around in your head.

That's why I created the Songwriter's Critique.

Don’t shy away from the name! It’s here to help.

I’ve assembled a small team of like-minded professionals in the music industry who want to listen to your song and provide you with quality feedback.

That’s right. It’s YOUR song and you are getting personalized feedback from industry experts.

We’ve been where you are.

We owe our successes to the people that came before us and those that stood alongside us and showed us the ropes.

We’re prepared to do the same. We’re here to lead you out of the dark labyrinth that can be songwriting.

Allow us to do that for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your song at whatever point in the process you want.
    • Half finished.
    • Fully written.
    • Just an idea.
    • Anything.
  • Receive a personalized video back
  • Works for any genre

Learn from a pro, write like a pro.

For only $97 per song you’ll get grammy level professional advice on. And unlike the housing market, this process isn’t going to have any hidden fees or expenses attached.

You’ll be receiving advice from professionals who’ve been exactly where you are now and found success.

This song critique will help you:

Write clear and meaningful lyrics

Center your song around a theme

Write catchy hooks

Make you a better collaborator

Give you the confidence you need to keep writing

Still have questions?


How long is the submission window open?

You can purchase the song critique whenever you’d like. Once you purchase the bundle you can submit your song at any time.

How long will it take for me to get my feedback?

Not long at all! After your song is submitted you should receive your feedback within 7-10 days.

Who is this product meant for?

This product is for anyone who wants to improve their songwriting. Whether you’ve been writing music for 10 years, just started, or you're just thinking about it, this critique will help you understand the craft and improve.

I want to submit my song, but I’m afraid of rejection.

That is completely normal. Rejection is a hard thing to face, but if your writing is ever going to improve then you need to sharpen your skills. You do that by getting feedback. Not only will that feedback improve your writing, but it will give you an inner voice that you will carry with you throughout your songwriting career.

Do I have to have a completed song?

Nope! Your song can be at any stage in the writing process and our professionals will give you feedback on whatever you send in.

You could continue walking around in the dark trying to find a light switch in a room of endless walls.

Your song, your dream, going nowhere. The dark feels heavy, filled with doubts and hopelessness, as you look for the answer to your problem.


One of us can come in and help you find your light switch. After this critique, you’ll be far more equipped to navigate the dark.

No more of those endless questions: Is it good? Is it good enough? Should I do something different?

Aspiring songwriters spend tons of money and time on classes, books, and coaching sessions to learn all the fundamentals and still be left wondering if a song is good enough. This one video of your feedback will tell you EXACTLY how to improve.

Whether songwriting is your full-time career, passion project, or just an idea you had in the shower, this Songwriter’s Critique will give you the knowledge and confidence that could help your song become the next dance-around-your-kitchen, roll-down-your-windows, scream-with-your-best-friend anthem.