20 Best Songwriting Blogs to Get You Inspired

Songwriting blogs

This post helps you get your song started, but that’s only the beginning. My free ebook will take you step-by-step through the rest of the songwriting process–the same process I’ve used to write my Grammy Award winning hits.

Whether you want to improve your craft, find inspiration, or search for technical information, you can’t go wrong with blogs about songwriting and music.

Many of the best have been around for years, growing into virtual treasure troves of songwriting gold.

Blogs give you a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips — articles that educate, entertain, and inspire — all for free.

Why Follow Blogs?

Blogs are really the perfect place for learning, connection, and ideas.

They’re shorter than books or courses, so you can find answers quickly. They can help you learn just what you need and exactly when you need it, all without the overwhelm.

Each individual article on a blog is known as a post or a blog post. Sometimes the terms blog and post are mistakenly used interchangeably — what we are talking about is the larger website section (the blog) that contains several articles (posts).

When you find blogs you like — whether they’re blogs about songwriting or other aspects of the music industry — you can sign up for their list so you never miss an update.

So how do you find the good ones?

Finding the Best Songwriting Blogs (for You!)

First, you have to know your goals. Great blogs can help you with both long- and short-term goals.

Want to make a career from music? They’ve got you covered. Want to figure out how to get unstuck in the song you’re currently writing? Find ideas with a quick search. Frustrated over a new piece of technology? Solve that problem in minutes flat.

Once you find a few favorite blogs to follow, you’ll consistently:

  • Improve your craft
  • Develop the right mindset
  • Learn new technology
  • Navigate the music business
  • Find your community, and
  • Get inspired

What to Look for in Songwriting Blogs

I think the topics that are most important are the really practical things, like how to get a publishing deal, and should you live in the town where you want to work — for example, do you have to live in Nashville to write country music?

Other useful questions could be: how do you collaborate? One of the most important parts of commercial songwriting is collaboration. So how do you manage the room? How do you find your role in the room and be flexible?

Because some days, you’re driving the ship, and other days, you’re just riding in the passenger seat, letting somebody else drive and giving them the fuel to keep the ship going. Another topic could be building relationships with artists and how to get your songs to artists.

So besides the basics on how to actually write a song, I think those things are really important. That’s the stuff that I love listening to.

And if you’re looking for suggestions, you’re in luck.

20 Great Songwriting Blogs (in Addition to Better Songs)

Blogs about songwriting

Here at Better Songs, our blog focuses on the crafts of writing, recording, and building a career as a songwriter. But we know you can never have enough excellent content on all things music.

That’s why, for this post, we looked for active blogs (ones with recent, relevant posts) that provide incredible value and inspiration for songwriters.

We’ve included individuals and larger organizations as well — including your PRO, industry-specific sites, and company blogs.

Each will have its own specialty or angle, and you can choose which ones to follow depending on what you need help with now.

1. Musician on a Mission

Started in 2015, Musician on a Mission helps people learn what it takes to quit your job and work in music full-time. Their focus is on learning music production and launching a career in music. In their blog, you’ll find loads of helpful articles on career development, music technology, music production and engineering, marketing, and more.

2. Songfacts

Songfacts is a collection of songwriting how-to’s and insights from industry legends. The blog started out as a way for researchers to keep track of a huge volume of song information from different labels in a single place. It quickly evolved to include the stories behind the songs and songwriters, including interviews and input from creators and artists.

3. Cari Cole

At the Cari Cole Voice & Music Company blog, you can find loads of helpful resources to grow your music career, strengthen your mindset, and improve your craft and performances, all while staying true to your own creative voice. Cari’s advice is particularly helpful for singer-songwriters who want to put their best voice forward while staying strong and healthy.

4. Shelly Pieken

Shelly Pieken is a multi-platinum 2-time Grammy nominated songwriter best known for the #1 hits “What a Girl Wants” and “Come On Over Baby.” She’s had hundreds of song placements on albums, TV, and film.

Shelly’s Confessions of a Serial Songwriter blog contains her personal musings and stories — including thoughts and analysis of current happenings in the industry, music careers in midlife, and finding songwriting inspiration in everyday life.

5. Flypaper

From the folks at Soundfly, the Flypaper blog helps you play, write, and produce your music, and get your hustle on when it comes to marketing and growing your career. You’ll find loads of inspiration through stories and discover music history and trivia you might never have known otherwise. At Flypaper, you can find useful tips while also indulging your inner music nerd.

6. Educate and Entertain

For the past 29 years, Dave Ruch has made an excellent living supporting himself and his family of four as a regional performer and teaching artist. He helps songwriters and other performing artists to find and book gigs at well-paying, “under the radar” venues like schools, libraries, museums, historical societies, cultural centers, and much more.

In his Educate and Entertain blog, songwriters will find how-to articles, tips, and encouragement for working regionally (anywhere) while building a lucrative musical career.

7. SongTown

You can always count on the SongTown team for great insight into the songwriting process as well as the stories behind the hits and plenty of inspiration. Their articles cover topics in songwriting, production, and the music business. Marty Dodson and Clay Mills are both hit songwriters who are dedicated to helping you turn pro.

8. Songwriters on Process

Songwriters on Process is a fascinating look into the many different ways songwriters approach their craft. The blog features interviews with indie, rock, pop, alt-country, and Americana writers (and more) — famous artists, Grammy winners, and up-and-comers alike.

The founder, Washington Post freelance writer Ben Opipari, explores the songwriting process from start to finish, with a focus on writing and creating rather than crazy tour stories or the typical, “How did you come up with your band name?” It’s a great place to find ideas and encouragement when you need it.

9. Nashville Christian Writers

The Nashville Christian Songwriters blog focuses specifically on Christian musicians and their unique questions and challenges. Topics covered include lyrics, music, faith, industry, songwriting, and mindset. Learn how to express your truth while being intentional about connecting with what your listeners and audiences really want.

10. Music Entrepreneur HQ

The blog at Music Entrepreneur HQ wants to help you create a life that you love in music. Music school can only teach you so much — if you want to succeed in the new music industry, you need the right entrepreneurial mindset as well as digital marketing mastery.

Whether you’re just starting out, feeling stuck or overwhelmed by all your options, or ready to move to the next level in your career, you’ll find help in a vast library of articles.

11. NSAI

With approximately 5,000 active members, the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) is the world’s largest nonprofit trade association for songwriters.

Since 1967, the NSAI has worked to protect songwriters’ rights as well as the future of the profession. Their mission is to educate, elevate, and celebrate songwriters, and act as a unifying force within the music community and the community at large.

In their blog , you can find great guidance for marketing, networking, promotion, craft, performance, and much more.

12. SongwriterU

The popular American Songwriter magazine has been supporting and promoting songwriting since 1984. At their blog, SongwriterU, you’ll find the latest news stories and recent developments in the industry, as well as great resources on touring, getting paid, navigating legal issues, marketing, music reviews, and much more.

13. Songtrust

Songtrust is a global music publishing administrator that helps you understand the music publishing business and collect the royalties you’ve earned. At their blog, you can deep dive into the often confusing intricacies of the music business, including publishing, royalties, copyrights, and more.

14. Songwriting Magazine

A popular quarterly publication from the U.K., Songwriting Magazine’s blog includes artist interviews, tips and techniques, including a fascinating How I Wrote series featuring stories from the songwriters behind some of the world’s biggest hits.

15. Discmakers

You probably know Discmakers as the place to go for CD, DVD, vinyl, merch production, and more. Their blog for indie musicians provides tips on the music business, marketing and promotion, performance and rehearsal, recording and mastering, songwriting, and singing tips.

16. BMI

From the largest PRO (Performing Rights Organization) in the U.S., the BMI blog features industry and artist news and events, career advice for songwriters, Q&As with top writers and composers, awards won by its members, and more. You don’t need to belong to enjoy their archives of helpful articles.


Another PRO, ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) shares news stories, event listings, awards, and the VERSED podcast on their blog — illuminating the heart and soul of music with in-depth interviews, tips, and insights from the world’s greatest music creators.

18. Secrets of Songwriting

Gary Ewer is a music educator who teaches music theory, ear training, composition, arranging, and orchestration to students of all ages. His compositions for choirs and orchestras have been performed by the CBC, Symphony Nova Scotia, and many others. His love of pop music combined with his classical background helps him “analyze the inner workings of popular music” in his blog.

He’ll show you what works, why it works, and how to use those same ideas in your own music.


LANDR is a creative platform for music mastering, distribution, collaboration, and promotion. Check out their blog for songwriting inspiration as well as deeper dives into music theory and pro tips on mixing and mastering.

20. Hypebot

Hypebot is a must-follow for the latest scoop on industry trends, music technology, what’s working now in music marketing, and advice on connecting with fans and building your career. Improve your writing, performing, and recording with their helpful daily articles.

Give Your Career a Boost with Top Songwriting Blogs

Blogs about songwriting

Blogs are very much alive and well. They’re also a fantastic free resource for songwriters, no matter your skill level.

Whether you’re looking for tips, inspiration, or insight into the creative processes of some of your favorite songwriters and artists, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

So check out these blogs today and sign up for the ones that excite and inspire you most.

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