What is Music Production—A Beginner’s Guide

Turning a song you’ve written into a professional, studio-made demo is a lot more complicated than you might think. You’ve got your chord progression, your lyrics, and maybe some extra ideas for additional instrumentation bouncing around in your head. However, that’s just the beginning when it comes to producing music. Even if you’re already trying […]

Best Songwriting Courses of 2023

You may have had your lightning-in-a-bottle moments. You were able to get your lyrics down exactly as you want them, or you were able to play the perfect guitar riff. However, replicating that can be tough. That’s where songwriting courses come in. One thing I love about being a songwriter is that there’s always more […]

Best Music Distribution Services in 2023

Music distribution: the process of getting your song off the page and into a buyable format. Simple enough, right? While music distribution might seem easy enough on paper, in practice it can involve a litany of hoops to jump through. As someone who’s gone through personally distributing my songs, it proved more complex than I […]

Notepad with audio sound mixer, microphone and headphones on black. Top view.

7 Best Songwriting Contests of 2023

Why Songwriting Contests? Sure, now (more than ever) there’s plenty of different platforms to release your music through. SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and even getting your music on Spotify and Apple Music can be done in a few simple steps. However, outside of one-in-a-million stroke of luck scenario, the chances of getting recognized and put on playlists […]

High angle of a musician playing the keyboard and rehearsing new music. Songwriter learning a new song

What is a Refrain in Music?

You’ve got an idea of what refrain in music is, but it’s still a bit fuzzy. If you’re new to songwriting, you’ll quickly find out the whole process can be downright puzzling. There are countless different methods to making catchy originals, each with its own confusing roadmap. Even with conventional song structures, there’s a litany […]

How to License Your Music

Earning cash from writing songs and composing music is the dream, right? However, pivoting from balancing a day job and playing music on the side to a full-on music career is not an easy undertaking. Most songwriters hedge their bets on getting a demo recorded and submitting it to a label. While this is an […]

Preventing Repetitive Strain Injury for Musicians

Preventing repetitive strain is almost as important as practicing. It starts with the calluses you wear as a badge of honor shortly after learning to play guitar. But now, years later, you’re starting to feel that sharp pain in your wrist or the dull ache of your knuckles and it’s not quite as fun. Practice […]

what is a demo in music

A Songwriter’s Guide to Music Demos

If you write songs, sooner or later, you’ll have to record a demo. The phone in your pocket is good enough to help you remember what you’ve come up with. But sooner or later, you’ll want to share your finished songs with family, friends, and fans — as well as other musicians and industry people. […]

How to write a pop song

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Pop Song

Have you ever heard the latest, greatest pop hit and thought, “I wish I would have written that!” It’s understandable. Pop songs are catchy, they’re fun, and listeners can’t get enough of them. Your favorite pop songs might seem to flow effortlessly, but what most listeners don’t see is all the work goes on behind […]

What is changing keys in music

Changing Keys Within a Song: Tips and Examples of Modulation

Songwriters are always looking for new ways to make their music more interesting and engaging. One of the best ways to do that is by adding a key change. Why? Because changing keys in a song really makes an impact! They’re a great way to boost your song’s energy. They’re also a wake-up call to […]