selling song

Selling Songs: A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Songs

Have you wondered how to sell a song? You’ve written a song that you’re proud of. People tell you it’s good. So what should you do with it? Let’s say you’re not a musician at all, but a brand-new beginner. You’re probably asking yourself: Do I need to copyright my song? Will someone steal it? […]

songwriting software

Songwriting Software: Top 10 Recommendations for Songwriters

Guest post by: Leanne Regalla Songwriting can be loads of fun. It can also look like a whole lot of hard work sometimes, especially when you’ve got: Hooks that aren’t quite landing. That verse that isn’t quite working. That chord progression that you’re sure could be more exciting if you just found the right combinations. We’ve […]

melody writing

How to Write a Melody: 15 Tips for Melodic Writing and Storytelling

Do you dream of someday writing a popular song — one that people just can’t get enough of? You can! No matter where your melody-writing skills are today, you can learn to write stronger ones. There are tips and techniques that pro songwriters use to keep listeners engaged — and even to make them want […]

best songwriters

The Best Songwriters of All Time — Or The Problem With “Best of” Lists

People are endlessly fascinated by GOAT (greatest of all time) lists, including the greatest songwriters of all time. We love to read these lists. We agree with them, fight over them, aspire to them, and we’re inspired by them. Because they’re so popular, magazines like Billboard and Rolling Stone continue to publish them. But when […]

song ideas

Inspiration Is Everywhere: How to Source Song Ideas From Your Life

Do you struggle to come up with song ideas? If so, you’re not alone — but it can be especially tough if you’re a new songwriter. Some days, you can sit down with your instrument and a notebook and everything flows. Other days, it feels like nothing’s clicking. You might check out some songwriting prompts […]

how to compose music

How to Compose Music: A Step-by-Step Guide for Songwriters

Are you thinking it’s time to take your songwriting to the next level? You’ve probably been writing intuitively for a while, but you’d love to become more of an expert at composing music. Maybe you’ve been honing your musical skills, experimenting with new approaches in your home studio, and working to fill in the gaps […]

how to write a love song

How to Write a Love Song

If you’re a songwriter, you’ve probably written at least one love song. Love’s something we all can relate to, regardless our age, gender, experience, or life situation. And love songs are popular. People have been writing and listening to love songs for thousands of years. That’s not likely to change anytime soon. People love love. […]

How to Become a Professional Songwriter

How to Become a Professional Songwriter

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably wondering how to become a songwriter — and actually make a living writing songs. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s a realistic goal, or if you even have what it takes to succeed, so let me set your mind at ease. First, if you’re already writing songs, either for […]

songwriting tips

16 Songwriting Tips for Beginners and Pros

To be a songwriter, you need a bit of talent. There’s no doubt about that. But, you should never worry about not having enough talent. Writing a good song mostly depends on skill — and skill is something that can be learned and practiced. That’s why you’ll often hear me stress the need to write […]

song structure

Song Structure 101: Everything You Need to Know About How to Structure a Song

Music is powerful, and humans are hard-wired for song. Part of how we connect with music is through the song structure. We recognize and remember music that has familiar patterns — including rhythms and rhymes and a definable beginning, middle, and end. And as songwriters, if we’re doing our jobs right, our songs will be […]